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Newport Center for Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Training

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Suzi Conklin Nance, founder of Newport Center for Hypnotherapy, is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Hypnosis Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists​a Personal and Relationship Coach.  Suzi travels the country conducting life-changing hypnotherapy sessions and motivational lectures and workshops for businesses of all sizes, hospitals, law enforcement, military organizations, and individuals. Suzi also teaches hypnotherapy training courses for those intending to become Certified Hypnotherapists. 

As a self-confessed Type A multi-tasker with an abundance of energy, Suzi brings a rich base of knowledge, intense passion, and an unbridled enthusiasm to everything she does. She speaks authentically and from the heart to help everyone she meets obtain the power, permission, and tools to be agents of change in their lives, businesses, and the world. 

In addition to her dedication to hypnotherapy, Suzi has been the second generation President of Capitol Realty Company, a leading real estate firm in Newport, RI, for the last 25 years. A fixture on Newport's famed Bellevue Avenue for over 50 years, Capitol Realty has developed a reputation for exceptional client service—and that's something Suzi brings to Newport Center for Hypnotherapy as well. 

Suzi has a passion and devotion to supporting organizations that work to foster a better world. She has sat on countless local and national boards and commissions.

Suzi also launched a self-funded initiative in the past, Bring Peace Not Pain, that promoted peace and global citizenship. 

Personally, Suzi has been married to her husband Bruce for over 30 years, and together, they have three remarkable children—Blake, Alex, and Lizzi—and six grandchildren. 

Want to learn more about what it's like to work with Suzi and how hypnotherapy can change your life? Contact her to get started. 


We offer private sessions to help you:

Lose weight...and KEEP IT OFF!

STOP Smoking


Eliminate fears and phobias

Declutter your life

Stop unwanted behaviors (nail biting, hair pulling, etc.)

SLEEP, fall asleep easily and STAY ASLEEP!



Depression and Anxiety

Organization and Motivation

​Phantom limb pain elimination

...and many others 

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We offer Certified Hypnosis Training 

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