Newport Center for Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Training

Change   -   Relief   -   Recovery

           While the potential impact and use of hypnotherapy is as varied and complex as the human mind, most of our clients come to us seeking a combination of three things: 

  1. To change habits, lifestyle, or ability;
    (Common examples: smoking cessation, weight loss, organization & focus)

  2. Relief from physical and/or emotional discomfort;
    (Common examples: phobias, stress & anxiety, physical discomfort/pain from chronic conditions)

  3. Recovery of what has been lost, often memories and/or skills.
    (Common examples: athletic skills, foreign languages, childhood memories)

        Our skilled and certified hypnotherapists have specialized training and experience in each of these areas. We believe that this, in part, accounts for our high success rate, along with the special attention we pay to the unique needs of each of our clients.  Call today for more information on how hypnosis can help you.

Rates and Packages for individuals:

Individual Sessions -$140 (sliding scale available)

Group Session - TBD for "Sugar Busters" or "Quit Smoking NOW"

See Registration for dates and locations and to RESERVE YOUR SPOT!

​Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Jumpstart Your Health and Fitness - Full Day Workshop

This full day workshop includes hypnosis and motivational strategies to lead you through the process of self-discovery toward a healthy future that includes real and lasting weight loss.  You'll leave the workshop with a solid plan to help you:

  • Look and feel the way you want!!
  • Release (for good) excess weight that you have been carrying;
  • Discover what has been keeping you from achieving your fitness goals;
  • Break free from limiting behaviors and beliefs;
  • Find the motivation, inspiration and confidence to be successful;
  • Develop the strategies and resources to put your plan into action!

1 Full Day Workshop -              Register here.

Get FIT Now 

Why wait another day to PERMANENTLY lose that weight? You have the power to do this NOW and hypnosis can help make it happen!   4 private sessions -


Hypnotic Gastric Band

The surgery free weight loss alternative!   While in a hypnotic state your body will virtually go through the bypass procedure  allowing you to feel full and satisfied with a much smaller amount of food!  4 private sessions - 

Get FIT Weekly Group

Ready to GET FIT? Join our six week group  program and make it happen! Although you are encouraged to work with whatever healthy eating plan works best for you, the group focus is on eating real foods...foods from nature with a bend towards low carb. To ensure the intimacy of the group it will be limited to 10 participants -

Will you be one?   6 weeks 

Break Free and Get Fit - Online Program

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Group Events
Register for "Sugar Busters" and "Quit Smoking NOW"                                                 

Corporate Wellness Workshops
We offer stress and wellness workshops and presentations for companies and organizations of all sizes. Learn more about our hypnotherapy corporate wellness programs here.  Visit

Hypnosis Training Courses

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Speaking Engagements

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